After the successful launch of the Evil D-Pad, it appears that the un-convinced gamers are missing some

information crucial to understanding the power of the Evil D-Pad.

Tempe, AZ. (November 2010) "€œ The launch of the Evil D-Pad happened officially on Saturday October 23rd and the gamers demand for a reliable, fuctioning D-Pad was met.The problem however, was that some gamers didn't know it. What the Evil D-Pad did was remove the axis-design typically used on a console controller to give each direction on the controller it's own proper button. It's an original design idea fo a d-pad that hasn't been done by any other 3rd party developer in the past.

The axis was removed to increase accuracy and reliablity. What alot of gamers don't seem to grasp is that most controllers, Microsoft's included, don't have dedicated diagonal buttons on their circuit boards. These boards only have the directions, Up, Down, Left and Right. With the axis-design, diagonals are pressed by pressing the the angles on the d-pad which in turn hits two directions for them. While this was convenient for some gamers, it was also a double edged sword that was painful to others. Gamers meaning to press just one direction could easily and accidently trigger two.

What we've done with the Evil D-Pad is eliminate the axis design and in turn have removed directional accidents. Diagonals on an Evil D-Pad can only be done by intentionally pressing two directions at once in the same way a player would hit two buttons to activate a grab in Street Fighter, or hit two buttons in Marvel vs Capcom to switch out their characters. Activiating diagonals is as simple as it is on a traditonal d-pad, but without the room for failure found on the axis design.

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