Evil Sticks - Made by Evil Controllers to help enhance your gaming!

The company with a slightly evil name has come out with a mod for your Xbox 360 controller that isn't evil, but it can help improve your game. If you really want to bring your A game, Evil Sticks are an Xbox controller mod that you should look into. The company that brough the world the Universal Rapid Fire controller mods offers this add-on for existing or new controllers.

The premise behind this modification is simple. Take the Xbox controller stick and make it easier and more comfortable to use. Evil Controllers has made that happen with their Evil Sticks. From their amazing accuracy to the superior (and ergonomic) convex shape, this enhancement for your Xbox 360 controller can really improve your game. With a name like Evil Sticks, you know they are going to help enhance your game play skills.

Evil Sticks are textured to give a truly non-slip surface that will keep your fingers where they need to be when you are playing your favorite video games. With maximum durability and force feedback, this Xbox controller stick mod will have you getting into the game (and playing better) before you know it. Whether you are a professional or advanced or even a casual gamer, this enhancement can help improve your game playing, which leads to a lot more enjoyment out of your favorite video games.

If you are looking for something to give you a little edge on the virtual battlefield, Evil Sticks are a great enhancement for existing controllers, or as add-ons to one of the company's Universal Rapid Fire controllers. (Evil Sticks are decidedly more "evil" when used in conjunction with other mods from the fine folks at Evil Controllers.)