Girl Gaming Month is back to acknowledge the 'feminine side' of gaming with interviews, photos and new products.

Tempe, AZ (February 2012)-- February is associated with love, the color pink, and romance, but once again Girl Gaming Month is back and adding some real character that February so desperately needs! Girls are into more then chocolates, gift cards, and jewelry. Girls also love video games!

Evil Controllers is launching Girl Gaming Month for the second time this year to acknowledge what the gaming industry often times ignores: girl gamers. So, in an effort to remind game enthusiasts that girls are gamers too, Evil is coming out with new products, a Girl Gaming bundle and an exclusive Girl Gaming Photo-shoot.

Throughout the month of February Evil Controllers will be providing gamers with our two new gaming bundles: Evil's 'Girl Gaming' and 'Everyone Can Game' bundle. These bundles include a controller with Evil Imaging, Evil Apparel, and other Evil swag at a discounted price. Gamers will also have the option to grab a Pink Zebra or Urban Camo controller with a mod of their choice. These bundles start at $114.99 and a portion of the proceeds for each bundle sold will be donated to the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation.

Urban Camo and Pink Zebra Imaging will also be on sale throughout the month for only $34.99 to celebrate Girl Gaming.

Girl or guy, there's something every gamer can enjoy during Girl Gaming Month. Evil Controllers will be distributing photos from the Girl Gaming photo-shoot that feature real girl gamers rather than traditional marketing models.

Don't miss out on all of Evil's Girl Gaming related content. Visit Evil Controllers' blog, Facebook, and Twitter to see Girl Gaming content as it gets released. Evil Controllers will be posting Girl Gaming photos, girl gamer interviews and more throughout the entire month.

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About Susan G Komen for the Cure:

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