Kaz Hirai to be Officially the Next Head of Sony

As I have stated nearly a year ago, Kaz Hirai will become the next head of Sony. According to this article on Kotaku, it seems that it has been officially confirmed. Sony CEO Howard Stringer announced that his replacement as President and CEO of Sony Corporation will definitely be Kaz Hirai, when he steps down in June. They officially announced this move with Hirai's promotion in April (while Stringer will remain as executive chairman until his departure this Summer).

Being the former head of Sony's PlayStation division, Hirai has been known be a genius behind one of Sony's few profitable operations, the PlayStation brand. He managed to save the console from a horrid console launch as well getting it out of some dangerous situations in its lifetime. From a business standpoint, Stringer and Sony's shareholders will be hoping that Kaz Hirai will bring Sony back to its number one spot with his guidance and taking advantage of the Yen to the US Dollar.