CEO of Evil Controllers Adam Coe unleashed the Evil D-Pad last year, and expects gamers will understand the full potential of Evil as they finish one of the biggest trilogies in gaming history.

Tempe, AZ. (September 2011) – Gamers are on the fringe of one of the biggest years of game releases. Activision is releasing Modern Warfare 3, EA is revealing their flagship title Battlefield 3, and Microsoft has announced a remake of the original Halo. Evil Controllers plans to jump into the hype and excitement by improving upon their own product line up of high quality, fully custom controllers. The addition this fall will be with controllers themed specifically for particular titles. Evil Controllers believes that with these upgraded Microsoft Xbox 360 Controllers, their fans will become fully immersed into their favorite universe.

To start, Evil Controllers will unveil their Red Skulls controller themed to match the aesthetic and feel of Gears of War 3. Similar to the Gears of War 3 controller designed by Microsoft and Epic games, this controller is designed to celebrate the release of Gears of War 3 itself.

In addition to featuring Evils Evil Imaging exterior, the controller will feature custom controller parts to accentuate its unique look and style. The Red Skullz controller will find a happy home alongside fans of the series for one reason other than its visual upgrades. The Red Skullz controller will feature Evil Controllers patently developed Evil D-Pad that removes the frustration originally felt on an axis or disc based D-Pad.

While Microsoft and Epics Gears of War 3 controller will feature Microsofts new twist D-Pad, the Evil D-Pad will make a larger more significant difference. Evil Controllers Evil D-Pad separates the directional inputs into 4 separate buttons, the common mistakes that occur while using a standard controller will be dissolved immediately because the Evil D-Pad has removed the bridge that connects all the directional buttons together.

Evil Controllers will begin to sell their controller for Gears of War 3 roughly a week before the game's release on September 12th. Gamers looking to get Evil Controllers world famous game specific mods for use in Gears of War 3 will only need to wait a few days after the game's release. Another option for fans of the Gears of War Series will be to order a Do It Yourself Gears of War Kit. This DIY Kit will include an Evil D-Pad Imaged to match Gears of War in addition to our Professional Evil Sticks and Torx tool to make opening their controller a cinch.

Fans of modded controllers that intend to get their hands on Epic Games' Gears of War 3 controller will have the option to utilize Evil Controllers Send In Service to update their controller with custom thumb sticks, custom ABXY buttons, gameplay mods and more.

This controller for Gears of War 3 is an exclusive to wp.evilcontrollers.com. Available September 12th, but can be pre-ordered today. As a Pre-Order Bonus, gamers will receive Free-Shipping!