The world's largest MMORPG hasn't reached its peak and has lots of potential, according to Blizzard.

Back in 2010, World of Warcraft obtaineda high number of 12 million+ subscribers to its game. But recently, the company's most recent stats show that the game has lost nearly 600,000 members. It is probably due to the rise of F2P (free to play) games showing up and taking people away from WOW, which runs on a paid subscription platform.With the rising number of free-to-play games, some think WOW's gone the way of the gaming industry's dodo, Everquest.

Blizzard doesn't think so, and states you shouldn't either. In an interview with MCV, Michael Ryde (Blizzard's International Vice President)said that while a lot of free games are being released constantly, it leaves a lot of opportunities for Blizzard and WOW to grow. He stated with a launching in Brazil this year and the stated numbers from it losses report were made from data of China before they got their copies of the latest WOW expansion (Cataclysm), there are a lot of elements to show both the game and the company are growing. Which means we shouldn't worry about the drop in numbers.

He then added that changes to the game's free trial (like having players trial run up to level 20 instead of 10) will contribute to getting more people interested in the game itself.

Knowing Blizzard, in this Ambassador's opinion, they got something up their sleeves. And they are doing this while running Project Titan (an ultra-secret MMORPG), future Starcraft expansions, Diablo 3's release, and numerous patches to WOW. Blizzard will get their number of subscribers up and get back those who walked away from the game (like me and my level 85 Holy Human Paladin with 357 gear level armor and weapons on Shadow Council-US RP server).