Red Faction: Armageddon

The Red Faction series is back with another installation in the series after its last release back in 2009 with Red Faction: Guerilla. Armageddon takes place half a century after Guerilla where you step into the shoes of Darius Mason, the grandson of Guerilla's protagonist, Alec Mason. Mars is liberated but has became inhabitable and people are forced underground into mines made by their ancestors. During this crisis, a fanatical Marauder priest tricks Darius into accidentally awakening an army of creatures, sentencing the red planet to its doom. With both factions of Colonists and Marauders being torn apart, blame goes onto Darius and he must do what he can to clear his name.

Now I've been a fan of the Red Faction series and how it separated itself from the other games. They were the first to have destructive environments back in the first Red Faction on the PS2 and as time went on they knew how to keep people interested by improving and toying with it. In the previous game, it was an open world gameplay but now they went back to a more linear style in third-person style. Patience while playing the game is going to be needed because you'll be facing a large number of repetitive "swarms of creatures you have to clear" events if you want to move the story on.

Multiplayer is good but I think they went with the bare minimum. They have a mode called Infestation where the player takes on a horde of enemies, which these days is standard in shooters these days. It's good but still nothing new. Ruin mode is basically a timed "destroy every structure in site" mode that judges you on how much you've destroyed. It was good but still it felt like it was lacking something.

All in all, Red Faction: Armageddon is good enough to rent, maybe buy if you're a huge fan of the series but it has its "eh" moments. You know THQ tried their best and gave their effort but it doesn't seem to stand out that much.