Special Edition Sleeping Dogs


I don't know exactly what United Front Games and Square Enix are thinking but they must be thinking something.

First there was news about bonus content given to those who pre-order the game in US, you can get the "Police Protection Pack" by purchasing from Gamestop or the "Martial Arts Pack" when you purchase from Amazon.

Then there was news about the Limited Edition available in the UK. Anyone who pre-ordered the game in the UK would be receiving the Limited Edition at no extra charge. The Limited Edition contained the "Police Protection Pack" and the "George St-Pierre (GSP) Pack."

If all this wasn't enough, news has surfaced that now gamers from Australia and New Zealand would be getting another exclusive Special Edition of Sleeping Dogs thanks to Square Enix (Namco Bandai in Australia), termed ANZ Edition.

The ANZ Edition is set to release in Australia and New Zealand on the 16th of August and will contain ALL three bonus packs seen in the other versions being release in the UK and US. Details of the bonus content included with the ANZ Edition are as follows:

Police Protection Pack:

Exclusive Bonus Mission - High Speed
Exclusive Bonus Outfit - Hong Kong Police SWAT Outfit
Exclusive Weapon - SWAT Assault Rifle
Exclusive Vehicle - SWAT Cruiser

Martial Arts Pack:
Exclusive Bonus Mission - Shaolin Showdown
Exclusive Bonus Outfit - Shaolin Warrior Outfit which gives greater striking damage
Bonus Triad XP points
Wing Chun decoration for your safehouse which provides temporary combat buff

George St-Pierre (GSP) Pack:
Exclusive Bonus Outfit - GSP's outfit (T-shirt, headband and shorts)
Exclusive Bonus Move - GSP's signature "flying punch"
Wearing GSP's outfit unlocks "flying punch" and also increases grappling and throwing damage

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad