Limited Edition Sleeping Dogs Bundle

Sleeping Dogs is set to launch on the 14th of August in the US and on the 17th of August in the UK. In our previous article we got to see some of the pre-order bonuses that were available to the gamers in US and today we shall be looking at what our UK gamer brethren shall be receiving.

It seems the UK gamers are getting a bit of an better treatment since anyone who is going to pre-order the game in UK is going to instantly be getting the Limited Edition of the game at no extra charge. The Limited Edition is priced at £36.99 at Amazon UK, the exact same price as the normal retail copy.

So what makes the Limited Edition special you ask? It comes with two in-game packs which are to make the gaming experience that much more enjoyable, especially if you are a fan of SWAT teams and UFC Walter Weight Champion George 'Rust' St-Pierre. The bonus packs are as follows:

Police Protection Pack:

Exclusive Bonus Mission - High Speed
Exclusive Bonus Outfit - Hong Kong Police SWAT Outfit
Exclusive Weapon - SWAT Assault Rifle
Exclusive Vehicle - SWAT Cruiser

George St-Pierre (GSP) Pack:

Exclusive Bonus Outfit - GSP's outfit (T-shirt, headband and shorts)
Exclusive Bonus Move - GSP's signature "flying punch"
Wearing GSP's outfit unlocks "flying punch" and also increases grappling and throwing damage

The similarities between Sleeping Dogs and the Grand Theft Auto series may only be minute, but you are likely to discover that our Stealth Adjustable Modded Controller is already compatible with the game when it gets released.

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad