Bigger, darker, and more ambitious than the last three games, The Devil In Me was revealed in October last year. The game tells the interesting and gripping story of a group of filmmakers and will be the finale of Season One of The Dark Pictures Anthology. The Devil In Me stars Jessie Buckley and features many horror elements and tropes that lean on the famous Saw franchise.

Story Predictions

The story is about a group visiting a hotel modeled on a real murder hotel back in the 1800s. The latest in The Dark Pictures Anthology, this installment has everything you would and should expect: the story and performances are brilliant, and the world is unique and fascinating. The best thing is that the tension keeps ratcheting with every hidden clue you find. Also, the player has context the characters do not, which keeps things interesting.

Story of Holmes and the Infamous Hotel

You will come across fatal booby traps, shifting walls, maze-like halls, and more. There is one thing for sure: the story is based on a house of horrors heavily inspired by the infamous and scary hotel of serial killer H.H. Holmes – who is a genuine person. The game draws inspiration from HH Holmes, a notorious historical character famous for creating a hotel that later became known as the Murder Castle. According to experts, Holmes studied medicine at the famous University of Michigan, specializing in anatomy. After that, he moved to Chicago in order to construct the World's Fair Hotel. This huge and expansive building contains secret passages, deadly traps, and hidden rooms for unsuspecting visitors. Did you know that at his trial, Holmes confessed to more than 25 murders? However, there is speculation that this number was much higher.

Real American History and Incredible Storytelling Elevate Things

As you may have come to expect from this series, the unique characters in The Devil in Me have a rich and perplexing history together. This is slowly and gradually revealed through dialogue and many other interactions. The hotel crew finds themselves in The World's Fair Hotel. Experts think this hotel is based on fictionalized accounts of Holmes' real Murder Castle. Note that it does not need a grounding in reality to be gripping and utterly fascinating. However, that tie to American history takes things to the next level.

Mystery at the Core

The Devil In Me is fascinating and plays out like an intriguing serial killer mystery. You will control members of a small film production crew developing a true crime documentary series that, unfortunately, runs out of money. The choices made will affect the relationships and dynamics between characters, either closing or opening new paths. The setting of this installment is so well-crafted that it feels alive. It is dripping with a spooky atmosphere, a creepy, abandoned hotel that oozes both dread and despair. Tensions are high, and the crew is at each other's throats. Also, there is the hope that if they manage to film one good episode, they may be able to sell the show, making enough money to keep the lights on.

Gameplay Mechanics

In terms of gameplay, the new title feels one step above the other games in this anthology. You will like and appreciate the air of classic survival horror, with considerably more freedom to explore. New and improved gameplay mechanics combined with the proven formula will likely make for another thrilling and gripping romp when the complete game arrives in November.