fallout 4 day one sales

We have some interesting information about Fallout 4 sales to share with you. According to Bethesda’s director, Todd Howard, Fallout 4 managed to make more with digital sales on day one than it made with physical sales.

Whilst specific numbers weren't shared, Howard revealed that digital sales numbers for Fallout 4's first day of release managed to outperform physical sales numbers and Howard considered this to be, "A big change."

Whilst it is likely that physical copies made up a large portion of sales on day one, it is interesting to see that the digital format was favored over the physical version on day one. With only physical copies in mind, Fallout 4 managed to ship 12 million copies on day one alone, so sales for the digital version must have been pretty significant.

We don't have numbers on how well digital sales performed after the first week, or first month of Fallout 4's release, but we'd imagine that they managed to at least sit close with the physical sales numbers, even if they did not manage to exceed them.

Hopefully Bethesda will release some official sales figures for the physical and digital sales in the near future. It would be interesting to see how each platform is performing today.

Do you prefer to own a physical copy of a game or would you be happy to purchase a digital copy, just like millions of other Fallout 4 players across the globe?