quantum break digital file size

So it looks like the file size for the digital version of Quantum Break on the Xbox One has finally been revealed. With Quantum Break heading for release in April, it's good to know how much storage space Xbox One owners will need to set aside for the upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive title.

According to the Xbox Games Store listing for Quantum Break, the digital version will weigh in at 44.09GB. This size may not include day one patches or any additional content planned for after the initial release, but if you spare around 50-60GB for The Quantum Break you shouldn't run into any issues once preloading becomes available. Strangely the listing for The Quantum Break has now been removed so it could be possible that the previous number was a placeholder or a file size for an older build. We don't imagine the game will be much larger than the previously stated 44GB, however.

The new information does not share the PC file size. Whilst recommended specs for Quantum Break on Windows 10 were recently revealed, nothing was mentioned about the storage space needed. Quantum Break should launch on April 5 for both Xbox One and PC. Any Xbox One player can pre-order the Xbox One version and they will be given a free PC digital key for the game as well. Both versions will feature cross-play saving so you will essentially be able to switch between each version at a moment's notice.