Fallout 4 Fake Teaser

Last week the internet was taken by storm by the new survivor2299 website- a place that claimed to be some kind of hint at a new Fallout 4 game. Since Bethesda didn't make any comment on whether the website was official or not, a lot of Fallout fans jumped to the belief that the website was the real deal.

However, this week the creator of the website revealed on Reddit that the Survivor2299 website was in fact a hoax under his username DCHoaxer. He also said that he spent close to $900 on 15TB worth of hosting costs and the phone number he used on the website.

It was revealed that he did this to try and force Bethesda to make a real announcement about Fallout 4 in time for the Spike VGX.

Unfortunately this was not the case, but it did force them to come out and say that the website was indeed fake. It's surprising that it took them this long to respond to all of the internet chatter about the website, but perhaps it's because they are too busy working on other projects.

After all of the rumors that we have heard about the game, it is likely at this point that Bethesda is working on Fallout 4, but it looks as if they are not yet ready to talk about such things. We'll keep you updated if any real news hits about Fallout 4 any time soon.