Destiny Release Delay 2014

When Destiny was first announced, it gave us all the impression that Bungie were gearing up to release the game as a launch title for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, or at least a game that would make it to release within the launch window.

However, with Bungie being Bungie, things have been pushed back a little. Instead, both the full release and the BETA have been delayed to later down the line in 2014.

The final dates have been set as September 9th for the full release, and sometime in Summer 2014 for the BETA release. Interestingly, Bungie have also teamed with Sony to offer a timed exclusivity for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 players, however details haven’t yet been given on whether this exclusivity will be strictly for the BETA access or for the full release as well, and a date for the Xbox versions hasn’t been given.

Bungie released this information in a new statement, along with information on how close they are to reaching their final goals and original vision for the game. It has also been confirmed that the BETA date will work similarly to an early access launch, and everybody that pre-ordered the game will be able to play through the BETA and onto the full launch without any wipes or character save data being erased.

It is likely that the game will undergo a huge amount of balancing changes whilst in BETA, so although early access through pre-order will be a viable option for those who want to get in and play early, you may miss out on the full, final experience that Bungie are working towards.