Shiro Suzuki Thanks Resident Evil for Making Him Live So Long

Shiro Suzuki, a famed actor and broadcaster in Japan, loves to play Resident Evil games a lot. Kotaku and many other sources found out that he was a gamer when he told them that he discovered gaming over fifteen years ago. However after all those years, the Resident Evil series (or Biohazard as the Japanese call it) continues to be his favorite to this day.

At the recent Resident Evil event, celebrating the game's anniversary, Shiro Suzuki spoke about his love of the series but also his love for video games.

"I owe making it to 74 years old to Resident Evil..I want other elderly people to play video games. It betters you as a human being."

Shiro Suzuki proves that he is an avid gamer and not just a casual that has picked up controller and started playing as he has been known to score 178,270 points in Resident Evil 4's unlockable Mercenaries Mode as you can find out in this Daily Motion video. Not Bad, not bad at all. Especially for a broadcaster in his seventies.

Dang, and he's even a better Wesker player than I am.