Kim Dotcom of Megaupload is Still First Place Rank Holder in Modern Warfare 3

As more news about Kim Dotcom and his company's (Megaupload) continues to get in trouble with the US government, more information about Kim Dotcom continues to circulate throughout the media. People are finding more and more facts and information about the Megaupload CEO. Interesting enough, Kim is still ranked first for the XBox 360's rankings for Modern Warfare 3 according to sources from Kotaku.

Though Modern Warfare 3 was one of 2011's most pirated games (despite the fact it was only out for 45 days in 2011), Kim Dotcom bought the game legitimately. If he had used a pirated game, he would be unable to play online and rack up his 150,000+ kills from his six hour gaming sessions (as you can see in the video in the Kotaku link). As of recently, his XBox Live Gamertag, MEGARACER, is still currently first with 180,980 kills and has a score of 9.05 million.

UPDATE: As of 1-24-12, according to the sources from Kotaku, Kim Dotcom has now lost his first place ranking on Modern Warfare 3 by a gamer who goes by the name of Arazos.