Far Cry 3 Info

If you enjoy playing through campaigns and story modes with your friend, then news on Far Cry 3's new Co-op features may or may not be good news to you.

The Co-op gameplay will offer a complete new story which is played out 6 months before the main campaign but still on the same island, as it follows four characters exclusive to the co-op campaign.

Quite often developers end up paying less attention to co-op side missions or extra content, and that's if they include it at all, but Far Cry 3's creative director, Magnus Jensen, says the multiplayer co-op offers the same kind of intensity of the full game.

"The co-op is a full, custom-made campaign," he said to CVG. "You're not replaying snippets of the single-player campaign that just happened to fit. It has its own story and characters. It takes place six months before, it has ties into the main story in that you'll meet various factions and you're on a different part of the same island.

It's a different story but what it does bring is the same insanity. These four characters are working on a seedy private cruise ship, there are drugs and prostitution, these guys are down on their luck, they've hit rock bottom, looking for a chance to get out."

You'll earn more insight into the four characters lives through dialogue in the game instead of lengthy cut scenes, which in my opinion is great because it puts the players and their actions straight into the story.

Jensen says that they're "super proud" of their co-op, and Ubisoft are probably just as excited for the November 30th release as those wanting to get their hands on the game.

For some this may be great news, but so far there hasn't been any mention about being able to play the main single player story with another player, so for others it may be a little disappointing. Games like Halo have offered great social gameplay aspects into their campaign by requiring teamwork to reach skulls and beat harder difficulties, and even though having two masterchiefs has never made any sense, it's still been an enjoyable experience, and so far it seems Far Cry won't be including anything like this in their main campaign.