New Black Ops 2 Info

So far we've been given quite a fair bit of info on the new Black Ops, but there are still features that have been left in the shadows. However, a few extra details have been unearthed by David Vonderhaar, the game director for Black Ops 2, with the most interesting one giving us an insight into the new games emblem editor.

David has tweeted a snippet of the new emblem editor screen (shown above) and although it doesn't reveal much, along with the previous rumors from Charlie Intel, who were lucky enough to play the game with Treyarch, we can begin to get a pretty clear picture of what the emblem editor will be like.

According to Charlie Intel, you'll now have a total of 35 layers to edit your emblem in any way you'd like, and you'll also be able to customize and change the colors of each layer by picking a shade from an RGB color wheel. Another new feature to the emblem editor is the ability to change the transparency of each separate layer. By the sounds of it, this is by far the most advanced emblem editor for Call of Duty games so far, and I'm hoping players can get creative with their emblems to make something truly unique to use as a representation of them in-game.

Vonderhaar also replied to a tweet which has given players the comfort of knowing that there will now be no join in progress for League Play:

@JRAWH If that stuff upsets you so badly play League Play. No join in progress.

It seems Treyarch are listening to the gamers, and I’m hoping by launch we’ll find plenty of more unannounced tweaks to the game that could make the overall experience a whole lot smoother than the previous Black Ops title.

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