Far Cry 3 Map Editor Revealed

In the recent years, gaming has evolved to a stage where the players' interactions with the games they play help to shape future games and any later content for that game, and without these interactions there would definitely be a huge gap in gaming as we see it today.

Whether this is customizing your character, or upgrading your weapons, many developers put these features into the game so that players can interact with the game mechanics and make their playthrough more unique and personalize their experience to their own liking.

Ubisoft is offering players a huge amount of player interaction in Far Cry 3, and a new map editor trailer for the game shows the creative potential in the FPS slated for release later this year.

The trailer shows a small amount of footage of the map editor in action, and is narrated by Mark Thompson, who explains the features of the Far Cry 3 map editor.

The map editor has thousands of unique pieces and scenery to add to your creations, as well as environmental factors and terrain morphing tools. By the looks of it, and going by the amazing map editor from the previous Far Cry games, Ubisoft will be providing huge opportunities to make your maps look as lifelike as possible.

Once finished with a map, you can upload it to Ubisoft's servers where players can rate, play and favorite player-created levels. Top rated content may even show up among the official levels created by Ubisoft, which opens up a huge amount of freedom for players and developers whilst playing online.

If you don't have an online connection, or would rather test your maps offline, tools are given to allow players to add vehicles, animals and even hostile AI so that players can create a sandbox world with which they can play through by themselves or with friends.

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