First Player Reaches Max Spartan Rank


Take your hat off to RU Deuce, a player that has managed to reach Spartan Rank 130, max out all specializations and hit the credit cap nearly every day in just a month after the game's release.

RU Deuce was lucky enough to get the game a whole week before release day on November 6th, so he already had a very large head start, but still, maxing out on a competitive FPS in such a short period of time is both impressive and shocking.

Looking back to Halo Reach, this wouldn't have been possible as a lot more time and effort had to be put into the ranking system, and it took around a year before the first player maxed out on Bungie's last Halo game. However, Halo 4, which is in 343 Industries hands, has a much smaller ranking system, and it's likely some players are already catching up with RU Deuce too.

RU Deuce played a lot of War Games to reach max rank, but the most experience was gained from Spartan Ops, which awards players set amount of exp each time they complete the mission, regardless of their performance whilst playing. RU Deuce reached the EXP cap in around 3 to 4 hours on Spartan Ops, and around twice that when playing just War Games. After that point it was down to campaign and mountain dew bonus EXP to get him closer to his goal.

RU Deuce has said that reaching SR 130 was a little more disappointing than expected, and only rewards players with a service tag background and an extra emblem. And what's more frustrating is that you can't change your specialization tag after reaching SR 130, and whatever you reach 130 with, you will be stuck with. RU Deuce is now stuck with the Pathfinder tag.

Deuce is now working towards completing all commendations.

Halo 4's ranking system seems a lot less hard work than Halo Reach's, so if you want to rank up fast, play Spartan Ops matchmaking, buy some Mountain Dew or Doritos, and go check out our newest Halo 4 controllers in our Controller Creator. Our modded Halo 4 Controllers includes compatible Adjustable Rapid Fire.