Grade School Student Makes a Game For His Blind Grandparent

According to Yahoo News, while most ten-year-olds are happy playing video games, that wasn't enough for Dylan Viale. Dylan has a very close relationship with his grandmother Sherry, who has been blind for decades. Due to her condition, he hasn't been able to share his love of gaming with her. So he decided to go the extra mile and make one for her as part of his entry into his school district's science fair project.

To create the game, Dylan downloaded GameMaker, a program that can easily program a video game. After making a few notes and sketches, he decided to do a maze design. With this maze design, it would have a character named Quacky (designed by his father) to navigate through the maze in order to reach a golden egg while avoiding obstacles like spiders and dynamite. He used the sound system in the game so that his grandma can navigate the maze via the sounds made by picking up diamonds that would lead to the egg. After some tough programming and feedback from his grandmother, he completed a game that he and his grandmother would enjoy.

And while his game didn't help him win his district's science fair, he still won over his grandmother, his classmates', and his teachers' love. Multiple copies were distributed throughout the class and school thanks to his father.