The Japanese COD: Elite Service is Cancelled Due to Localization Issues

Unfortunate news for Japanese FPS fans, it seems that the Japanese version of Call of Duty: Elite will not be available. The online service was cancelled due to localization issues, according to some news from Kotaku and Square Enix, COD's publisher in Japan.

According to Square Enix and Activision, they worked really hard to get localized versions of Elite released in territories like Japan but kept getting stuck in issues about localization. The biggest problem for Modern Warfare 3 in Japan was that the game was available in a subtitled version as well as a dubbed one. As a result, it complicated the Elite service.

When Modern Warfare 2 was released in Japan, Japanese gamers were furious about its localization. So, in response to that, Modern Warfare 3 had two versions: a Japanese dubbed version and a Japanese subtitled version.

But there could be some hope for MW3 fans in Japan, Square Enix did mention that DLC via Elite will be made in the future, meaning there could be some way around the issue down the line.