Final Fantasy VII Remake

It's been expected for some time now, but the Final Fantasy VII remake has finally been officially confirmed. It's almost been two decades since the game originally released on the PlayStation 1 back in 1997. Final Fantasy VII was seen as an instant classic upon its release and it's one of the most sought after PS1 games today.

In 1997 it gained awards for being the best console role playing game of the year and the best console adventure game of the year, and managed to sell over 2 million copies, which is considered very impressive at the time.

Rumors of a remake of Final Fantasy VII have been spreading for ages, but Square Enix has kept it very secret. The developer and publisher has not said a word about it and no real leaks have ever made it to the light of day. It was a surprise last week to finally hear that Square Enix will be reimagining Final Fantasy VII.

Unfortunately no release details have been given yet, but a timed exclusivity deal with Sony has been shared with the public so the Final Fantasy VII remake will only be for the PlayStation 4 for a certain period of time.

Neither Square Enix nor Sony has revealed when Final Fantasy VII's exclusivity deal will end, so if you really want to play the remake there will be no reason to hold your breath if you don't own a PlayStation 4.

The remake will also be coming to iOS devices, most likely at some point this summer. The PS4 version should be released in winter but a solid date hasn't been shared as of yet.