Halo 5 Multiplayer

Recently 343 Industries revealed that there will be special REQ packs in Halo 5: Guardians that will contain a random combination of weapons and cosmetic items inside. Players can earn REQ points from playing Arena and Warzone games and can then purchase REQ packs with the points they earn.

Alternatively, players can level up their Spartan Rank and as a reward they will be given a REQ pack. Finally, 343 Industries has announced that players will be able to purchase more REQ packs with their own real world money, and as you can imagine this has caused quite a commotion in the Halo community.

As a result of the chaos this has caused, 343 Industries has spoken out to explain the REQ pack microtransactions and has made it clear that they are certainly not pay to win. Whilst REQ packs do include some weapons or other items, these can only be used in the Warzone game mode, which offers a completely different experience to the classic Halo multiplayer we're familiar with.

That style of multiplayer, the classic Halo we all know and love, will be found in Arena mode, and the only thing from REQ packs that can be used in Arena mode are cosmetic items, such as player armor, weapon skins and assassination animations.

343 Industries head Josh Holmes talked further about the REQ packs. "While players will earn REQ Packs across both Arena and Warzone, only cosmetic items can be used in our Arena experience. This is to ensure that all players start with the same weapons and abilities as part of our vision for the balanced, competitive play in Arena multiplayer."

"In Warzone, our new massive-scale multiplayer experience, we wanted to give fans even more variety and choice in how they play. Within Warzone, you'll have the ability to deploy a multitude of weapons and vehicles from your inventory of REQs throughout a match.

"These requisitions are governed and balanced by Warzone's in-match REQ Level and Energy systems, which are driven by player and team performance within the mode."