Final Fantasy XIII-2

This past week was exciting! For those of you who dont know… A three day gaming festival called PAX was held this past weekend. Sounds awesome, right? I for one was extremely excited to see that there was a special appearance at PAX where they showed a new Final Fantasy Xlll-2 trailer!

The trailer featured a few battle scenes and a bit of the storyline here and there. It focused mainly on Serah who didnt really seem to make it into the frontline of all the action in FF Xlll-2, despite being a main character. Now it seems like she will take a more important role in the story.

We see a lot throughout this new trailer including her fighting alongside a boy name Noel. She pulls out a bow n arrow at one point in the trailer to fight a gigantic monster. Which I am quite excited about because I am a big fan of bow n arrows in video games! We also catch a little glimpse of a slow motion shot of Lightning pulling out her sword; which if I may say so, is probably one of the sickest slow motion shots I have seen in a long time.

Each new tidbit Square Enix releases about Final Fantasy Xlll-2 makes me more and more excited! This trailer gives us gamers a new and more in depth look into the minds of the Final Fantasy Xlll-2 creators. With the release date being quite a ways off, keep your eye out for more interesting details.

"Game Hard. Game Evil."