First 2017 Capcom Pro Tour Event Announced

The first official Capcom Pro Tour event for 2017 has been announced.

The upcoming event is Final Round 20 and it will be the first event of this year to be included in Capcom Pro Tour rankings. Final Round has been a part of the Capcom Pro Tour in the past, and Fight Round 20 will be the third year running. It's not yet been confirmed whether Final Round 20 will be a Ranking or a Premier event, but some other details have been confirmed.

After last year's miscommunication from Fight Round 20, the bracket system will work. For example, last year Fight Round held a Premier event for the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour, but because of the lack of access to online brackets, it was very hard for players to figure out exactly who had made it out of the original stages and into the Top 128.

This year, the pools will be played out over two days instead of one, and the platform will be used to track matches and provide accessible online brackets for anybody to view.

So far we know that Final Round 20 will take place on March 10 and will continue until March 12. The event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. More details about location and the chosen venue will be released nearer to the event start date.

After the success of the Capcom Pro Tour in 2016, we cannot wait to see how things will pan out this year. We think 2017 could be a very big one for Street Fighter.