doom dlc is released

Doom has finally received its first DLC release. The new DLC pack is available for $15 and includes a number of new features such as new maps. The DLC is also available as part of the $40 season pass.

The release did come as bit of a surprise. We’re excited to see that ID Software are still working on releasing new content for Doom, both in terms of free content patches and paid DLC.

The newly released DLC pack includes the following:

  • New map: Cataclysm
  • New map: Offering
  • New map: Ritual
  • New weapon: UAC EMG pistol
  • New item: Kinetic Mine
  • New demon:the Harvester
  • New armor and taunts, including robotic sets and a golf club-swinging taunt
  • In most cases the new maps are locked out to those who hold the DLC pack. However, if you party up with a player that owns the DLC pack you’ll be able to play the new maps even if you do not own the DLC yourself. This gives friends an option to party up and try out the new maps without everyone being forced to pay for them.

    ID Software has a number of other plans for future DLC packs and they also plan to keep updating the game with regular free updates and content drops as well. In other news, Doom went on sale to celebrate Quakecon. The developers also recently added two new multiplayer game modes for all players for free.

    With the new DLC will you be picking up the new Doom again?