optic envyus mlg orlando
Optic has made their way to another Call of Duty grand final event, this time at MLG Orlando against EnVyUs. Because EnVyUs came from the lower bracket, they had to win two best of five series to take the championship win, whilst Optic only needed to take one series win.

In the first series, things were very neck and neck. The first game saw EnVyUs and Optic battle it out on Breach Hardpoint. Things were very close but EnVyUs managed to bag 250 points whilst Optic was just a little behind with 231 points.

The second match of series 1 was Hunted Search and Destroy. Optic managed to take 4 rounds, but EnVyUs took 6 rounds, giving them another win for that series. EnVyUs was doing well in the event so far, but they had a long time ahead.

Unfortunately for EnVyUs, Optic started to pick up their game after match 3. The third match was Evac Uplink and Optic took the win with a 14-9 scoreline. Match 4 was Stronghold Capture the Flag and once again Optic took an impressive victory with a 3-1 score.

The last match saw the tables turn again. EnVyUs managed to take a 6-3 score on Fringe Search and Destroy to take the first series win.

Clearly the short break between each series was enough for Optic to regain their composure because Optic completely crushed EnVyUs in the last series, taking the grand finals win. You can view the last three match scores below.

  • Stronghold Hardpoint: 250-226 to Optic
  • Redwood Search and Destroy: 6-0 to Optic
  • Fringe Uplink: 15-6 to Optic