naval strike dlc bf4

Just as the player appreciation month for Battlefield's players comes to an end, DICE has released a brand new screenshot to show off the upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC pack, which has been named Naval Strike.

The new DLC pack has been scheduled to launch later this month, although Battlefield Premium players will be able to access the content two weeks before any other players. As the name Naval Strike suggests, the DLC will be filled with content focused on a water-filled theme.

This DLC pack will include four new maps set in the South China Sea. All four levels will have some element of water based combat, however, it's unclear what these maps will actually consist of.

On top of the four new maps, the Naval Strike DLC pack will also come with five new weapons, a new amphibious hovercraft vehicle that has been shown in the released Naval Strike screenshot, and a new mode called Carrier Assault. This game has been rumored to be similar to Titan mode in Battlefield 2142, where players have the sole objective to destroy the other players airship.

Considering that the Naval Strike DLC is water-based, it's likely the airships will be replaced with airship carriers or other large ships.

Naval Strike is the first DLC planned for this year, and DICE plan to release four more by the end of Summer 2014 - players can save money and access the content earlier by purchasing the $50 Battlefield Premium pack.