cod 4 remastered

If you've been anywhere near the internet over the past few days then you'll know that Infinity Ward will be launching their latest Call of Duty game later this year. Unfortunately we don't know much about Infinite Warfare yet, but we do know that a slightly more expensive version of the game will be coming with a remastered version of COD 4.

Although the entirety of the singleplayer game will be getting a remaster, only 10 have been picked out for the multiplayer portion. This is going to be a little disheartening for any hardcore COD 4 fans out there, but we're hoping that Infinity Ward picks out the most popular maps.

Recently Activision has been slowly revealing each of the maps and so far we know what five of these are. In the latest reveal, Overgrown and Bog have been announced. In a previous announcement, Activision let us know that the first three maps will be Crash, Backlot and Crossfire.

Activision hasn't mentioned whether more maps will be added in the future but they did make it clear that the remaining five confirmed maps will be announced soon.

It was also announced recently that the upcoming Call of Duty 4 will not be sold as a standalone title, which means that players that are interested in owning the remaster will need to purchase the $90 Infinite Warfare bundle.

For all those out there that only want to play the remaster, would you be willing to pay $90?