pro league hcs EG vs EnVy

Recently the HCS Pro League Invitational took place and two of the top Halo teams made it into the grand finals. Only one team could take a spot for the HCS Pro League, whilst the other team would be sent back home.

Read on to find out how the final match for the Pro League Invitational went ahead between Evil Geniuses and Team EnVyUs below. Keep in mind that this article is filled with spoilers so if you'd like to watch the match yourself, you can do so on the Halo Twitch channel under the past broadcasts section.

Things started promisingly on Team EnVyUs' side for the first game as they took a 3-0 victory against Evil Geniuses on Coliseum. Game mode was Capture the Flag and EnVyUs completely shut down their opponent's hopes at getting a single flag.

For all those watching for the action at home, Evil Geniuses put the ball in our court by taking the second game, albeit in a fairly close fashion. Lunchbox managed to pull out a decent 18-7 K/D in their second game, which was Slayer on Plaza, putting the end score at 50-33 in Team EG's favor.

Team EnVyUs weren't getting shut down here though - they had a lot of surprises up their sleeves in game three, which was Strongholds on Eden. With an impressive 100 to 33 scoreline, EnVyUs triumphantly took their second win for the grand final.

Despite the huge victory in the first CTF game of the series, EnVyUs couldn't quite pull it out again on the second CTF title on Fathom. Evil Geniuses managed to hit three flag captures whilst EnVyUs could only bag one.

For the fifth game, things were looking pretty close to begin with but Evil Geniuses managed to pull out and get a huge lead on Regret Slayer that helped them end the match with their 50 kills before EnVyUs managed to hit 30.

With things not looking so good at this point for EnVyUs, the team crumbled in the final match, leaving Evil Geniuses to pick up an easy 100 points versus EnVy's 15 on Strongholds on the Rig. Despite the intense back and forth action, Evil Geniuses definitely got a much deserved 4-2 victory which has secured their place in the upcoming HCS Pro League.