Fenix Rising DLC Adding Prestige Style Rewards to Gear of War 3

Forgot about Gears of War 3? Been hunkered down by Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3? We understand. But now it's time to brush off that Gears of War 3 disc because here comes some huge DLC that urges you to get in and show everyone online the wrong side of a retro lancer. With new maps, skins, and other goodies, how can you resist? Dropping on January 17, the third update to Epic Games' best-selling shooter will not only bring some visual goods to the game but also a mechanic that is very familiar to COD players.

The new DLC (called Fenix Rising) will introduce the Re-Up system. A system that lets players who hit the leveling cap of 100 gain new rank icons as well as the ability to start all over again at level 1 and relive the experience of climbing the ranks. You can re-up three times with Bronze, Red, and Gold rank icons as your hard earned rewards. Each time you go through a Re-Up process, you will also unlock exclusive weapons skins like glowing plasma, the Crimson Omen and electrical sparks. Adding a bit more rough but awesome aesthetics to your arsenal.

You can get Fenix Rising DLC for 800 Microsoft points (that's around $10). However, if you have the Gears 3 Season Pass, all you need to do is sit and wait for the new stuff to roll on in. You can find more detailed information on this link to Kotaku.