Forza Horizon New Cars on Free DLC

Despite many publishers' grab for money over the past few years in the disguise of downloadable content packs, micro transactions and extra day one content, you occasionally see a diamond in the rough; a publisher or developer that offers more content for free or at little cost. We've already looked at how Sony's new God of War has a hugely dedicated development team working on the game, but it seems now that Xbox's Forza series to want to take a medal for the platform's most generous game by offering the new 1000 Club car pack for free.

The download content pack will be available for free on Tuesday, April 16th, and will include a couple new cars. Firstly, the Ford F100 1956, and old pickup truck from the 1950s' will be added to the game, and secondly the RUF CTR2 1995 car that manages to strangely resemble some Porsche models.

On top of the two new cars, the DLC pack will add 100 new challenges to the game, and an extra 10 new achievements, capable of giving you an extra 250 Gamerscore from the Forza title.

Thinking Forza Horizon is looking good with this new update? Check our -- to play in style.