God of War 1.04

We last posted about God of War's patch 1.03, where we commended Sony Santa Monica for working hard on their game and releasing game improving patches for the newest God of War title, and once again, Sony have been at it again. This time, with the 1.04 patch for God of War, Sony Santa Monica has focused on multiplayer aspects, including a level cap increase, allowing players to reach level 40 of their allegiance. This new level cap increase also adds a new God item, two new relics, and an ultimate magic for every allegiance, unlocking new abilities.

Other multiplayer additions include the player stat card that allows you to access information and stats about your Champion such as win/loss ratios, k/d ratios, and other game related stats. It was interesting to not see this feature at launch, but it's good that Sony have now patched it in. The game mode inspect card has also been added, which allows you to see scoring options for each game mode so new players can understand point values for each game mode before jumping in.

The match of champions 4 player mode has now been adjusted so that 1600 favor is now needed to win instead of 2000, making the average game time in line with other game modes.

As well as the multiplayer changes, some fixes and tweaks have been made to combat, which can be seen below;

  • Zeus Spear now uses correct damage multipliers: L1 triangle special was not correctly using elemental damage multipliers (was using physical instead).
  • Global Spear Attacks: Triangle in the air with spear was unblockable, yet could still be parried, it can no longer be parried.
  • Poseidon Shield God Item: The shield will now become active when the player recovers rather than while still in the activation animation.
  • Adjusted stats of the Hades spear to better suit the intended gameplay.
  • Medusa Armor is now slightly easier to acquire.
  • The healing amount granted to the player when using the Poseidon Heal Magic will now increase as the magic is ranked up.
  • Miscellaneous fixes to slow debuffs/animations not displaying correctly. Will now prevent most related cases where the player would get get stuck in a bad state, and unable to respawn. This is greatly improved, per this fix.
  • God ability pickups for new God items now appear in the correct order in the customization menu.

On top of this, a lot of bug fixes have been made in the new patch, and a double XP weekend took place last weekend.