Free PS4 Plus Games Now Available

With October starting, Sony has announced their free PS Plus games for the month. As Halloween will be taking part later this month, Sony has thrown in Friday the 13th to kick things off, alongside a number of other titles.

As mentioned before, Friday the 13th is easily the highlight of this month's free PS4 games. In Friday the 13th, one player gets to play as Jason Voorhees, while up to six other players must play as teen counselors.

The counselors must attempt to escape their location, while Jason gets to use a variety of tools and abilities to track them down.

The counselor players must communicate and work together to prepare a plan to escape. Playing as the counselors gives you a sense of panic and tension, while playing Voorhees is just as exciting, but for completely different reasons.

After that, we have Laser League. This is a fun multiplayer game that tests your reflexes and critical thinking. Laser League is very easy to pick up, but it takes lots of practice to get good at.

Besides the two PS4 games mentioned above, PS Plus members can also get access to the following games this month:

● Master Reboot on PS3
● The Bridge, PS3 on PS Vita/PS4
● Rocketbirds 2: Evolution on PS Vita/PS4
● 2064 Read Only Memories on PS Vita/PS4

Sony is also offering up Here They Lie, a free PlayStation VR title, as well as Knowledge is Power, a PlayLink title.

Finally, if you like H1Z1, you'll be happy to hear that Sony are giving away a free bundle called the PlayStation Plus Blueshift Pack. This bundle includes a new AR-15 skin, a hoodie, and an offroader skin.