Top Fortnite Season 6 Features

Fortnite season 6 has dropped and it's easily one of the most exciting seasons we've seen so far. Here is a quick overview on everything that has been added in season 6.

First, let's start with the new map locations.

In season 6, four new locations have been added - corrupted areas, corn fields, and haunted castle. The fourth place is a large floating island that moves around the map. There are also other changes spread throughout the map.

The season 6 battle pass is also filled with 100 new cosmetic items and plenty of other rewards. There are two new evolving skins - one called Calamity and another called Dire.

Both advance as you level up your battle pass. The Dire skin is perhaps the best we’ve seen so far - you start off as an ordinary man but slowly turn into a wolf as the skin evolves.

There are of course many other great skins in the new battle pass, including the Nightshade pumpkin head skin.

Pets have been added to Fortnite, as well. With pets, you'll get a small companion that follows you around in the game. They don't provide any in-game benefit, but they are certainly a much loved cute addition to Fortnite.

Just like with previous seasons, you can expect to find plenty of new challenges and changes each and every week. Epic Games tries to keep Fortnite as interactive and exciting as possible, and we are sure they have plenty more up their sleeves.

What are your thoughts on the new season? Are you excited about the changes or perhaps less impressed? Let us know what you think!