Epic Games president Mike Capps states what is in store for Epic Games after Gears of War 3.

Some more Gears of War news has been released from Germany's Gamescom last month, this time coming from Epic Games president, Mike Capps. In addition to the already released news surrounding Gears of War 3, Capps stated what will be the future for the franchise as well as Epic Games itself. It is already known that Gears of War will likely continue on sometime in the future according to released news from this past April. However, Capps stated at Gamescom that he doesn't know whether or not well see another Gears game on current hardware. He did chime in the following:

Who knows? Certainly, its the end of the trilogy. Were really wrapping up all the loose ends of the storyline...as for what else were doing, Epic takes a lot of pride in supporting the games after theyve shipped, so you can imagine weve got some things in store. We havent announced any of that yet. Its hard to say. Is this the very last thing? Well, not exactly.

So it's kind of leaving an opening for what the future holds for Gears of War and Epic Games. Just because it's the end of the trilogy, doesn't really mean it's the end of the story all together.

As for the future of Epic Games, Capps did comment the staff at Epic are already working around the latest Unreal Engine (the same engine that GOW works on). He stated that while he can't tell what they are doing with it, he did say that he knows what he and the rest of Epic Games have in stock in using the engine.