Games - Gears of War Delayed

Waiting patiently for Gears of War 3? Keep waititng. So sorry to inform you but Gears is being pushed back until Fall 2011.The game was supposed to be released in spring 2011, but Epic Games and Microsoft decided that was too early. Apparently they are pushing it back to benefit themselves as opposed to a customer related reason like quality of the game With the holiday's right around the corner, sales for this game should be great if released in the fall. Also, Microsoft made a point to announce they want Gears of Wars 3 to be the cover game for 2011, like Halo Reach. This might be a better move for the Gears of Wars series, with the line up of games coming out over the next year, Gears of War will have better luck with more attention and focus if it comes out in the fall . We know, and they know that fans are anxiously looking forward to this game and releasing it at a later date helps to build the anticipation.