Industry News - Research finds Video Games connected to a number of injuries

<h1>Industry News - Research finds Video Games connected to a lot of injuries</h1>
Well, ladies and gentlemen we truly are living in the 21st century. According to aÂÂresearch team from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, video game related injuries are on the rise, especially with the increasingly popular trend of interactive video games.

"These games are fun to play and differ significantly from traditional video games as the player must physically mimic movements in order to compete. Injuries sustained during these interactive games are likely to be similar to injuries sustained in real sports," stated Dr. Patrick O'Toole, lead study author.


The study analyzed data from January 2004 through January 2009 and found 696 reported gaming-related injuries from the past five years, 604 of which resulted from traditional video games, and 92 occurring due to interactive games. 76 of those 92 injuries came specifically from playing the Nintendo Wii, although the study did not name specific games.
Interactive games caused a significantly larger number of shoulder, ankle, and foot injuries, whereas traditional games generated every single reported case of seizures, eye pains, and all but one of 24 reported neck injuries. Furthermore, interactive games brought on an amount of bystander injuries as well, especially found in participants under the age of 10.
Dr. O'Toole recommends using caution when playing games, giving yourself and other players adequate space and supervising players under the age of 10.

Have you ever been caught in a disastrous video-game related injury, readers? Many gamers do tend to take competition very seriously, and play four hours at a time with absolutely no breaks, especially putting stress on the hands and fingers. Feel free to comment with any interesting game-related injury stories!

Written By Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson