Gears of War set to be released in September

Great news! As of Wednesday (February 23rd), Gears of War 3 officially has a release date. This is great to know, especially since we were all expecting it this spring and it unfortunately got delayed.

Microsoft now announced that Epics third installment to the Gears of War series will be dropping as an Xbox 360 exclusive on September 20th in both the US and Japan. The final chapter of the trilogy, the game is expected to bring the series to a great closure with exhilarating single and multiplayer features. The game will supposedly take place eighteen months after the events of Gears of War 2, featuring the survivors stranded on an island, living in a converted aircraft carrier.

Microsoft held a media event about the game in San Francisco on the 23rd to announce the news. They also released images of the box art. Ive included that here, along with a few screen shots.

Cant wait for the game to come out!