Record breaker opens up Arcade near Orlando Airport

If you watched "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters," you know Billy Mitchell, the man who has been sort of labeled as the evil villain of the retro-arcade gaming world. Well he recently opened an arcade at Orlando's airport with the name that of the movie. What's more oddly enough is that with good guy Steve Wiebe is also featured as part of the arcade's entrance as seen here but I think the way Billy made the picture was to glorify himself and make Steve look a bit....dull and confused. If that's true, the guy's living up to the vision that was given to him in the movie. However....

With the arcade sporting the name of the movie, it must mean everyone's on....possibly Steve also. Which could mean that the rivalry between the two turned into some kind of across the borders mutual relationship. That's one possibility. Who knows?

While the arcade is up and running stocked it doesn't have a Donkey Kong machine. And also it lacks the classic titles of the past, since it sports the movie's name and the movie was about record breaking in the retro gaming world. My guess is that the airport business staff likely didn't see the movie and thought more modern games would generate more income.

The arcade sports the following:

  • Dead Heat
  • Terminator Salvation
  • Super Bikes 1 (2 sets of them)
  • Avatar pinball machine
  • Air hockey table
  • Aliens Extermination

If are you are at Orlando International Airport, best to look for this arcade...despite the lack of RETRO ARCADE GAMES in an ARCADE that sports the name of a movie about RETRO ARCADE GAMES.