With PSN having problems, some customers think of switching.

When things of unwanted situations occur to a multitude of people, a number of them usually decide to make the switch to another alternative. Most of the time, people come back after the problem has been fixed, they calmed down, or wasn't satisfied with the other side. The Playstation Network problem has been the latest target of this kind of behavior.

In a survey taken this past week,surveyors commissioned by the site CouponCodes4U asked 2,132 US Residents about their thoughts on the network outage. Their results came that one out of five people are considering selling their consoles and going to Xbox Live.

While the survey takers aren't from a large media organization like Fox News or MSNBC, nor are they from an organization that specializes in poll taking like Gallup, it does bring to light what the general public are thinking and behaving during this outage crisis. You can find more about it here (http://bit.ly/m2jDaN).

In this Ambassador's personal opinion, this is usual behavior of any event or large problem effecting millions. When something isn't working one way, you go to the other available alternative. These examples could include: "Okay so my Ford broke down after three months, I'm buying a Toyota next time!" followed by "my Toyota broke down after three months, I'm going to buy a Ford next time!". So really this isn't much of a shock to us all, but it is something we should bring out attention to and discuss about.