Games - Play Poker online via XBOX LIVE

Poker use to be a game, a few friends would play together on a late Wednesday night. Over time, poker has been accepted as a very competitive sport. We can watch players from around the world play Texas Hold em' on channels like ESPN. Players can start to play as soon as they learn how to sign up on Full Tilt of Poker Stars online.

There have been rumors of Microsoft creating a Full House Poker Beta trial. This will allow gamers to play poker online with millions of users. Microsoft has been quite about the beta version, and only a selected few are going to be allowed to play. With Poker becoming available for Xbox Live players, this could lead to something even bigger. As far as I know, players will only be gambling with fake money. Gambling with fake money puts the game in the same category as many poker games, BORING!


After a few rounds majority of players will get bored of playing because they will not have anything to lose. I can already see it; there will be players who will go "All In" every time. I was thinking, maybe players could gamble with Xbox Live points, something worth playing for. I personally would like to see Microsoft be the first company to make gambling an option for players. Hopefully, over time things will change and Microsoft will find a way to make this online poker fun and exciting to play.

Written by Evil Ambassador "€œ Caleb King