Games - Japan's COD: Black Ops to be censored.

Black Ops in Japan will be different. The game was retouched to tone down torture and graphic violence but also some additional details. Square Enix (yes, that company that invented characters like FFX-2's Thief Rikku, another excuse for this blogger to go to anime conventions), who publishes COD games in Japan, has removed the swastikas from the flags in the game's "zombie mode" and were instead replaced by the iron cross in all console versions except their subtitled versions.


The reason for the change was because of the difference in culture. A counterclockwise version of the swastika in Japan is known as a manj, which is used to note Buddhist temples on maps. Due to culture differences, this blogger thinks that the inclusion of Swastikas in Japan would lead to a sense of confusion. Though, I do wonder why the subtitled versions were untouched.

~Written by Geroncio Copiozo, fighting zombies with Richard Nixon