Game of Thrones in Minecraft

A few days ago we mentioned about Mojang's huge success with their sandbox game Minecraft, and here is a great example of why Minecraft has reached such popularity.

The game has always been very caring towards the creative and modding community, and there are plenty of channels showcasing off player-created content within the game. One piece of Minecraft art has astounded me, and it's been created in so much detail that from a distance it almost doesn’t look like Minecraft at all.

The creators, Westoroscraft has accurately built a scene straight from A Game of Thrones, the popular book and TV series. Westoroscraft has managed to fit in a huge amount of detail into the area he has mimicked, creating a very familiar Kings Landing from the TV series.

This here is just the start of their project, and they have made other maps located within the world of Game of Thrones as well. They used wool blocks as a blueprint for the buildings, and a team of builders worked to create not only the Kings Landing, but  Winterfell, Dragonstone, Casterly Rock, Lannisport, The Eyrie, Pyke, Harrenhall, The Dreadfort and Sunspear Water Gardens have all been created in-game by a team of 100 builders.

It took the builders four months to create their currently unfinished Game of Blocks world, and they plan to add to the current 3000 full-interior buildings and then merge the separate cities together into a huge 35GB world, complete with a mod, including NPCs, quests and other RPG elements.

If this doesn't showcase the potential within Mojang's sandbox game, nothing else will.