Madden 99 million Sales

Madden has been one of the most well received sports franchises of them all, and after 25 years of solid gaming, the sports series has finally hit the 99 million mark. FIFA managed to hit this title in 2010, so Madden still has competition, however, for Football fans this is a great milestone in gaming history.

The 99 million sales have also brought in over $3.7 billion total life net revenue. If that's not enough to celebrate though, this year marks Madden's 25th year, and EA Sports will be releasing the next Madden title as Madden 25, instead of Madden NFL 14.

Madden 25 will hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms on August 27 later this year, and although so far game details have been kept to a minimum, EA Sports has said that this year's Madden will 'push the boundaries' and set the foundation for another solid 25 years of football gaming.

Hopefully we'll see these 'boundary-pushing' features come to life in the new game, and if you're a sports fan let's hope that EA release more info soon to give you something to get excited about.

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