Zelda Series celebrates 25th Anniversary

Legend of Zelda turns 25.Happy birthday Link!

Apparently everyones been turning 25 lately (except me – Im currently dreading the 22nd birthday myself). This Monday of Presidents Day, Link, Zelda, Ganon(dorf) and co. turned 25, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of February 21, 1986 when Link first held a sword. And whats amazing to see is not what has changed, but what hasnt.

The beloved series has kept to its roots better than most franchises, bringing the heroes and villains to return in almost all installments. While its obvious that Link and Zelda remain in the newest episodes, it is interesting to notice the recurrence even of characters like Impa (who got much more attractive with time, contrary to the actual human race). Furthermore, fairies have taken a major spot in all of the games, although, luckily, you only had to Hey!!!!JFKSLJFSL!!!!FJKSL!!! LISTEN! to Navi in one.

Heroes arent just the only recurring characters, however, as Ganon has remained the symbol of evil throughout all 25 years, and lesser baddies like Octoroks, Tektites, Peahats, Keese, and Stalfos have been stalking Link for what feels like forever. Bosses like Gohma (who will join Skyward Sword in a new scorpion form) and Dodongo have been terrorizing for years.

Likewise, items, weapons, and sheer gameplay havent changed much beyond improvement for better graphics and exploration. All games have included non-linear worlds with more enclosed towns and visible or hidden dungeons to conquest, and Link has always moved through the use of his bows, boomerangs, bombs, and of course, sword, in each game.

This will be a great 25th year for the Legend of Zelda franchise with Skyward Sword coming out as well as the Nintendo DS update of Ocarina of Time.

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