Homage to the old school video game code on Netflix for PS3

So in my household, we're finally getting into the whole Netflix thing. My parents are kinda addicted to it, and I'm sorta getting into it via my entire weekend viewing marathon of House, 24, and Gilmore Girls. While we are getting into the barebones of it, someone with a lot of time on their hands and a Playstation 3 at their disposal has figured out a code for their Netflix. This code is for the purpose of helping those who wish to discontinue their Netflix services but don't want to fumble around with the application and fear they might sign up for more time with the service. And the best thing about the code? It's a homage to the Konami code!

The code is a modified version of the Konami Code. But, since there's no B or A on the PS3 controller, it's different. You activate the code by doing the following: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up. Sounds familiar? While it won't get you 30 lives, it willbring up a diagnostic screen. The diagnostic screen will display certain bits of information but also allows you to conveniently deactivate your PS3 from the streaming Netflix service. Interesting. Well if you want to know more about this discovery, you can read all about it, here in this Kotaku article.

You know, I wonder if this will work with other programs or even other devices. If you excuse me, I'm gonna see if I can get 30 free waffles from my waffle iron by wiring my Playstation controller to it and performing the Konami code.