Is Gaming before Bedtime, bad for your Health?

Texting, watching television, and playing games before bed could be the main reason why nearly 63 percent of Americans aren't getting enough sleep these days according to the latest study fromfrom the National Sleep Foundation. They suggest to combat this problem is to have a curfew of around an hour before bedtime.

Seen here on this Kotaku article about sleep and Gaming, the study stands behind their discoveries but also claim there isn't a solid link between electronics use and poor sleeping habits. But looking further, it does have many experts on sleep concerned with the effect of electronic device usage during times we should be getting ready for bed.

Other experts like Dr. Matt Travis Bianchi, a sleeping specialist at Harvard Medical school, suggests otherwise. He states that we cannot escape electronic usage of computer monitors and televisions and their glow. He says that could combat it by dimming the brightness on them. He also suggests it could be an anxiety problem from electronic usage. Examples could include things like receiving infuriating email just before bed. If you put it on that level, you can relate it to having a bad round of Halo: Reach before bedtime.

I have to disagree with what the experts say here. I mean I've been playing video games and searching the internet right before I go to bed and get a full night's sleep. Heck sometimes I still get a full night's sleep even when I fall asleep in front of my television or computer monitor (but sometimes that's usually caused by waiting for an opening slot on my favorite server in Team Fortress 2 or waiting for someone with a good latency on Super Street Fighter IV). I really don't think watching cute pug videos on youtube or zerg rushing on Starcraft 2 will effect my sleep habits that much.

~Written by Evil Ambassador Copiozo, fully awake.