Games - Homefront's Japanese version to be changed....slightly

According to this Kotaku article the Japanese publisher of Homefront explains that only a few noticeable changes will take place in their port of the game. While the oppressive North Korea dictator will still be present in the game (though his son will be the majority North Korean focus) and the North Korean flag andpropagandawill be untouched fully, the only big difference in the Japanese difference was theeditingof the opening movie that declares Kim Jong-il dead, as well as his "funeral procession" (which is actually footage of his father's funeral back in 1994).

The reason for why the censorship and editting is needed according to the publisher is that they have to comply with CERO, Japan'sComputer Entertainment Rating Organization. CERO has regulations and guidelines on how real people are portrayed in games. According to them, it is fine to depict Kim Jong-il and North Korea in Homefront; but, it CERO stated that if Homefront was to say Kim Jong-il dies in 2012 (which is a major plot point of the game), it will could open the game up to defamation.

But according Kotaku - Japan's article about the entire ordeal (in Japanese) the game will retain its closeness to the original American content. Hopefully it'll stay the same and we can all be happy in fighting the good fight against a nightmarish North Korean nightmare.